Send Steven Beam A Referral Get An iPad Mini

Send Steven Beam A Referral Get An iPad Mini

Summer 2013 Free iPad for a referral giveaway.

I will give you a brand new 32GB  iPad Mini for any referral you send me that I close.  It’s the easiest way to get an iPad Mini that I know of.

“Send Steven Beam a Referral and get a free iPad Mini – No Joke.”

Referrals are a huge part of my real estate business.

Receiving a referral is probably the best source of business in real estate. I always appreciate any referral I receive and will take extra special care to ensure anyone you send my way 100% happy with their real estate transaction.

iPad Mini

Win a new iPad Mini

I’ve done this in the past with gift cards to Nordstrom and other places so I wanted something new and fresh. I thought of the iPad Mini because it’s something most people can use.

We keep an iPad in the TV room and use it to Google topics as they come up in conversation. My wife uses it occasionally to shop as she gets bored with whatever she is watching on TV. Whatever your use might be they are cool little devices to have around.

 How to get a free iPad Mini.

  • When you hear a friend, family member or co-worker talking about buying or selling a home mention my name and give them my contact info. 303-941-4663.
  • Shoot me a text or email to alert me that your friend will be contacting me.
  • The day of closing I will bring you a new iPad Mini. Seriously. It’s that easy.

Steven Beam is a Parker, CO Realtor, real estate broker that has been living and working in Parker, CO for over 12 years.