Stonegate Village Home Prices Up 7% in 2015

Stonegate Village Home Prices Up 7% in 2015

10648 Stone Creek Ct

10648 Stone Creek Ct

Stonegate Village Home Prices Up 7% in 2015

This will be a year to remember for Stonegate Village as 2015 was the first time the average sale price for the neighborhood has ever passed the $400,000 mark. The average sale price for 2015 was $404,275.

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Family room in Stonegate Village

Family room

Total number of homes sold this year was 190. Not bad but not even close to the record for the most homes sold in one year. In 2013 there were 219 homes that sold and closed in Stonegate and I’m not even sure that was the record.

The bottom line is that Stonegate is and always will be a very popular and desirable neighborhood for buyers. Anyone that has owned a home in Stonegate Village for the past 8 to 10 years has sure seen their ups and downs but patience has paid them dividends.

Want to sell your house in Stonegate?

I will come by for FREE and walk you room by room and around the exterior and show you exactly what needs to be done to get your house ready to sell in 2016. It will take about 20 minutes and I’m happy to help. I have over 17 years experience in the Stonegate real estate market and I know it as well as anyone. A few tips can add thousands to you NET sales price. Steven Beam 303-941-4663. Steve’s client testimonials.  Email Steven Beam!

The Stonegate Village market is in a bubble!

No. Not really. I hear this a lot but if you look at the numbers and compare them to other large metro areas our prices are inline with some and still quite low compared to others. As I said above Stonegate is and always has been very desireable and I cannot forsee that changing in the near future. Also check out Get Your Home Ready To Sell in Parker Colorado.

What is holding back house values in Stonegate?

The major issue I hear directly from buyers either from feedback on my listings or direct feedback when showing houses is that the homes (particularly on the southside) are outdated. Many of the homes on the southside need updating and some need full remodels. One of the listings I sold in Stonegate this year was all original except for a new exterior paint job and a new roof. The interior was all stock from the day it was built in the early 1990’s. Find out what your Stonegate home will sell for.

This report is only for single family homes sold in Stonegate Village. It does not include the condos and townhomes.

2015 Stonegate Village Sold Homes Report

  • Spreadsheet with every home sold and the stats.
  • # of homes sold and closed = 190
  • Average days on market = 14
  • Average asking price $404,974
  • Average sold price $404,275
  • Average difference between asking and selling price = 99.21%
  • Average price per above ground sqft $181.41
  • Average price per sqft total sqft $130.94
  • Average price per finished sqft $153.28
  • Average above ground sqft 2,269
  • Average total sqft 3,212

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